About Waking the Dead

Waking the Dead is a crime drama series following a Cold Case unit made up of a forensic scientist, CID police officers and a psychological profiler.

Waking the Dead

Waking the Dead is a long running British crime drama series created by Barbara Machin which was first aired in September 2000 and ran for a total of eleven years, bringing to television screens nine series made up of four to six two part stories, each episode running for an hour.

The Waking the Dead cast

The Waking the Dead cast

The show has always received high ratings and was nominated for an International Emmy Award in 2003 for the episode "Special Relationship", aired in September 2002 and written by Stephen Davis and directed by David Thacker.

The following year Waking the Dead won the Emmy for the episode "Breaking Glass, which was written and directed by the same people who did "Special Relationship" and aired in September 2003.

The consistent main characters are Detective Superintendent Peter Boyd, played by Trevor Eve, psychological profiler Grace Foley, played by Sue Johnston, and Detective Inspector Spencer Jordan, played by Wil Johnson. Many other supporting characters were weaved in and out of the programme, adding to and supplying plot and heightening the emotional suspense.

Trevor Eve made the decision to move on from Waking the Dead when the show was in it's ninth series, and the BBC made the choice not to continue the show without the only character to appear in every episode.

A spin-off of the show was made, called The Body Farm. The show featured the forensic pathologist from series 6-9, Dr Eve Lockhart, played by Tara Fitzgerald, but the show received low ratings and only lasted one series.