About Touching Evil

Touching Evil is a popular series depicting a rapid response force serving the whole country and following the disturbed DI Dave Creegan.

Touching Evil

A popular series, first aired in 1997 and created by Paul Abbott, the BAFTA winning creator of Shameless, Clocking Off and State of Play. Meet Detective Inspector Dave Creegan, who is forced to deal with a numer of personal issues, and his elite crime squad who make their livings taking down serial killers around the country.

Nicola Walker as Susan Taylor and Robson Green as Dave Creegan

Nicola Walker as Susan Taylor and Robson Green as Dave Creegan

Drama brings you Touching Evil right from the start, beginning the with introduction of Dave Creegan, the stop-at-nothing Detective Inspector determined to hunt down every serial killer he comes across.

His close shaves with death give him the ability to get into the minds of the murderers he tracks down, and this becomes a key aspect of the programme.

In the first series, we follow Creegan and his team as they track down child abductors, hospital patient killers and horse murderers.

The tension and complexity of the programme grows in each season, and by the third season DI Creegan has just returned to work from a serious nervous breakdown when he must prove himself worthy by going up against his biggest task yet.

This stylish and suspending drama series will have you on the edge of your seat and itching for more, and the whole three series are on Drama.