The Pinkertons Episode 7: The Case of the Dead Dog

So far, we’ve seen the Pinkerton agents tackle train robbers, psychopathic killers, and a scheming diplomat.

The Pinkertons Episode 7

Quite the glamorous array of cases, in other words. But what did this episode open with? A dead dog. OK, a murdered dog, and murdering dogs isn't a very nice thing to do. But it was hardly the crime of the century, as Kate pointed out when Will announced he was taking on the case for free.

"So you offered the professional services of the Pinkerton National Detective Agency to find the killer of a dog?" she asked him. Will's response wasn't guaranteed to alleviate matters: "We're not getting paid, so technically it's not the professional services."

Will Pinkerton: animal rights activist. Now that's a sentimental side to him we haven't seen so far.

Will Pinkerton: animal rights activist. Now that's a sentimental side to him we haven't seen so far. Of course, the case soon became much bigger than one ex-pooch. The dog's owner, Jeremiah, was a cranky hermit who had recently come out of military prison, where he'd done time for desertion in the war. His brother Reuben, who lived with his wife on the other side of town, explained to Will that Jeremiah was no coward - he just couldn't bear the horrors of war.

Some locals weren't too happy about the whole desertion thing, though - a woman named Alice had already jeered Jeremiah in public for shirking his duties. So was that the reason his dog had been killed? Maybe - or maybe it was a dastardly scare tactic by a railroad company which was trying to put a track through land that Jeremiah stubbornly refused to sell.

His reason? The land contained the grave of his wife. Incorrectly informed that Jeremiah had died in the war, she had been taken in by his brother Reuben before passing away just before Jeremiah returned to the area. Now that's a tragic story that would get anyone blubbing. Apart from the railroad company, of course, which just wanted to get its mitts on that land.

The plot progressively thickened, with Alice revealed to be working for the railroad, and the body of a neighboring landowner turning up with a few holes in him. But if you got the feeling throughout the episode that the whole railroad land deal thing was a bit of a red herring, you'd have been right.

The bad guy was brother Reuben. In a heartbreaking twist, Reuben's wife was revealed to actually be Jeremiah's wife. She hadn't passed away at all. Reuben just couldn't bear to lose her when Jeremiah got back on the scene, so he lied and told his dear sibling that his beloved wife was dead. Burdened by a fib of this magnitude, he needed Jeremiah out of the picture sharpish.

As Will put it, the case had been simpler when it was just about a dead dog.


  • "You'll give yourself bunions you know." - Will to Kate, demonstrating exactly how not to sweet talk a lady.
  • What was with that slow motion chase sequence at the end? It was totally unlike the usual Pinkertons style, a bit like the slow motion bar room brawl in the second episode.
  • There was a fair bit of chatter in this episode about Will's twin brother Robert. This is another true-to-life reference: the real Will and Robert Pinkerton ran the agency after Allan's death. Hopefully Robert will be turning up on the show for some juicy Pinkerton vs Pinkerton rivalry...