The Pinkertons Episode 6: Lines of Betrayal

So far, The Pinkertons has been a fairly easy going sort of series. Sure, we’ve had a steady supply of corpses and conspiracies, but the show has effortlessly kept things from getting too heavy

The Pinkertons Episode 6

Whether it's Will and Kate's catty flirtation, Allan Pinkerton chucking haggis at people, or pretty much any scene featuring Sheriff Logan, the sense of humour has given The Pinkertons a breezy vibe.

But this episode was different. This episode was serious. This episode was... well, put it this way: Allan was in no mood to throw haggis at anyone, not even Will.

And with good reason, because one of his Pinkerton agents had been murdered. Not Will or Kate, of course, but another agent who was deep undercover with the alias Rutherford Smith. He had been killed in Kansas City while out walking with an intriguing female companion called Charlotte. Things got even dirtier when Charlotte herself was revealed to be a wanted jewel thief. (Which is a shame, because we really thought Kate finally had a woman on her level to bond with.)

The gravitas of this episode was understandable - this was no ordinary case for Allan, Will and Kate. This was personal. A crime that struck at the heart of their agency. Allan was forced to bring in another undercover agent called Theo, who had been working on the same case as Rutherford.

All of this led to the most hard-hitting, thriller-like climax we've seen on The Pinkertons so far

Theo and Rutherford had been investigating a copper company which was expanding at a rate that seemed very suspicious indeed. Yet, according to Theo, their work hadn't uncovered any sign of corruption or corporate wrongdoing by the company bosses. In which case, why was Rutherford killed? And what was Charlotte's connection to it all?

The truth came out in a series of dark revelations. The copper company was indeed up to no good, using inside information to blackmail and crush rival organisations. The company boss had gotten wind of Rutherford's investigation, and used Charlotte as a pawn to manipulate him. Most tragically, the trusted Pinkerton agent Theo had secretly switched sides to become the copper company's hitman. And this was the most shocking reveal of all: it was Theo who'd killed his own partner Rutherford.

All of this led to the most hard-hitting, thriller-like climax we've seen on The Pinkertons so far, with Theo sent to murder Charlotte, and facing off against his old mentor Allan Pinkerton. Heartbroken and disgusted by his one-time protégé, Allan shot Theo down. And there we were thinking Allan's bark was worse than his bite...


  • Allan had an emotionally rough time in this episode. You can tell because he got all soppy and affectionate towards Kate and Will right at the end. Treasure this moment, you two.
  • Will described Kate as "looking rather fetching" - does this mean we can officially start thinking of this as a "budding romance" yet?
  • Kate mentioned Allan's compiled records on convicted criminals, a reference to the real-life Pinkerton crime database which was the very first of its kind.
  • Good old Sheriff Logan provided some comic relief when faced with a suspect line-up. "It's an English invention. That explains a lot."