About The Pinkertons

The brand new series about the most feared law enforcement organisation of the 1860s Wild West.

The Pinkertons

Drama's first ever UK Premiere series is set in a wild and young America, and follows the Pinkertons' National Detective Agency - the most feared law enforcement organisation of America in the 1860s and the Wild West.

The Pinkertons Trailer

Fugitives and villains will be apprehended. Trouble is their business.

Drawing on real-life cases from the Pinkerton's National Detective Agency, the series follows founder Allan Pinkerton (Angus Macfayden), his son, William (Jacob Blair), and America's first female detective, Kate Warne (Martha MacIsaac), as they solve crime through the lawless times of America in the mid-19th century. Allan broke with convention when he hired Kate, teaching her his new forensic techniques, and developing her into a master of disguise able to cleverly infiltrate both high and low society. No one ever saw her coming.

William is the shoot-first-ask-questions-maybe kind of guy, while Kate is a brilliant forensics expert, and master of undercover work. The two of them mix like lantern oil and creek water. Where Kate believes thoughtful analysis and forensic technology is what it takes to solve crimes, William lives by the words his father taught him: to catch a criminal, you have to think like a criminal.

Over the course of this brand new and exclusive first series, what they learn is that, to catch a criminal, it takes both brains and bravery.