About Shirley

Ruth Negga delivers an astonishing performance in this biopic of Wales's greatest daughter and one of Britain's all-time great entertainers.


Charting the rise to fame of singer Dame Shirley Bassey.

Born in Cardiff's Tiger Bay to a white mother and Nigerian father, Shirley is the youngest of eight children in a family living well below the poverty line. By the time she's a toddler the family have moved to the all-white area of Splott.

Ruth Negga plays Shirley Bassey.

Ruth Negga plays Shirley Bassey.

Taking no prisoners when faced with racist taunts and the stares of local kids, by the time she's 12, Shirley has discovered she has an extraordinary voice and can earn money singing in pubs around the docks.

By the age of 15 she is already singing and dancing in 'coloured review shows' popular in the 1950s. But it's a chance meeting with struggling agent Mike Sullivan that changes Shirley's life forever.