Sean Bean Profile

Now seen as a sex symbol, Sean Bean trained at RADA and started out treading the boards in London before making it on television and on the silver screen. Known as a versatile actor, roles in Goldeneye and the Lord of the Rings trilogy have made him a star.

Sean Bean as Sharpe

Sean Bean as Sharpe

Sharpe: More than a career move

Bean first shot to fame as the rugged and handsome hero Sharpe. Not the original choice for the part, he only stepped in when an injured Paul McGann wasn't able to take the role. The part didn't only bring him fame, and critical acclaim, it also introduced him to his second wife Abigail Cruttenden who played his wife on screen.

Boromir: Warrior with a heart

Bean is said to have taken on the part in the Lord of the Rings trilogy to make a change. Sick and tired of always playing villains for the American audiences he thought the part of the sensitive warrior, would cast him in a favourable light. It was the beginning of an epic career. No more mister bad guy!

Sexiest man in the UK?

Almost the sexiest but not quite! Voted in at number 2, Sean was pretty pleased with his newfound sex symbol status. He said: "I don't have any problems with women seeing me as their ideal bit of 'rough'. Why would I?". Married three times with three daughters, it looks like Bean is no stranger to the attention of leading and loving ladies.

Sheffield United Football Club

Proud of his Sheffield roots, Bean has kept his accent and his love of the Sheffield United Football Club. A tattoo on his left shoulder bears testament to his love of the game and his home club. "100% BLADE" is a tribute to his team, the Sheffield United Blades, not in fact, a souvenir of his days as 'Sharpe'.

Star Scar

You can get hurt playing terrorists! Sean picked up a scar over his eye during the filming of Patriot Games. In the death scene, things got a little out of hand and the actor was injured with a boat hook. At least he won't be forgetting his collaboration with movie legend Harrison Ford in a hurry.

Did you know?

Sean has musical fans too. Moby is one of them. He appeared in the Moby video "We are all made of stars" in 2002, to the singer's delight. He was most impressed: "All of the people who agreed to be in the video make me happy, but Sean Bean in particular. I don't know why he agreed to be in the 'We are all made of stars' video, but I'm honoured that he did."