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The imperious Ken Stott and John Hannah star in the adaptations of Ian Rankin's best-selling novels.

Stott as Rebus

Based on Ian Rankin's popular novels, Edinburgh-based Detective Inspector John Rebus (portrayed first by Ken Stott and later John Hannah) is one of crime literature's greatest modern creations.

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A supporter of Hibernian FC, a music-lover, fond of a drink and a smoke, and possessing a fiery temper, Rebus isn't your average TV cop - he's just as liable to make mistakes as anyone else, but his uncanny knack of solving complicated crimes means that he's able to take on the filth that rises from the mean streets of Edinburgh.

Ian Rankin's tough and street-savvy character is flawed, emotional, scarred and back with his series of harrowing adventures as he tries to fight the growing tide of murder and desperation through the underworld of Scotland's capital.