The Pride And Prejudice Guide To Men

Did you know Pride and Prejudice is a valuable guide to the four main male types you meet in everyday life? Here’s who they are...

Mr Darcy in Pride and Prejudice


Cynical, moody and hard-edged but with a real heart of gold, the Darcy is the kind of chap who's great on paper but can be a headache to deal with in real life. For one thing, he's not exactly a people person, so good luck trying to break the ice at a party. You could try to gain his attention by complaining about the bad music or cheap buffet, because Darcys do love a good moan. They also secretly admire sassy wit, as Elizabeth Bennet discovered to her benefit.

Being aloof comes naturally to Darcys, and people think of them as arrogant alpha males. But over time, a Darcy will reveal his sentimental side, and that's part of the attraction: he's a beguiling blend of strong and soft, dominant and vulnerable. Persevere, and you'll be rewarded. Just don't expect your friends to like him for a long time.

Crispin Bonham-Carter as Mr. Bingley.

Crispin Bonham-Carter as Mr. Bingley.


The Bingley is the perfect opposite of the Darcy. Optimistic, proactive and happy-go-lucky, he's the kind of man who always leaps out of bed in the morning ready to engage with the day (all Bingleys are morning people). He's the all-round nice guy you can't wait to take home to your parents. Speaking of which, if your family happens to be hard work, it won't faze him a bit - just look at how deftly Mr Bingley dealt with the whole Bennet clan in P&P.

Everyone should have at least one Bingley in their friendship circle. He's the one you can always turn to in a jam. Whether you need someone to help you move flat or just cheer you up when you're feeling gloomy, a Bingley will be over just as soon as he can. Of course, if you're in a really foul mood and need someone to rant with, a Bingley will seem annoyingly chirpy and straightlaced. Better off giving your best Darcy a call instead.

David Bamber as Mr Collins.

David Bamber as Mr Collins.


Collinses are the pedantic types who value logic over emotion, pride themselves on always sticking rigidly to the rules, and only recognize a joke if it's sign-posted as such (sitcoms without laughter tracks will make a typical Collins worried and uncertain). You wouldn't want to encounter a Collins in the workplace, especially if he's your boss and expects constant updates on every little thing you do (while constantly patronizing you with well-meaning lectures on how to do your job better).

As far as relationships go, Collinses are immune to the idea of romance. Remember how Mr Collins proposed to Lizzy by referring to her "modesty and economy" and her "amiable qualifications"? Still, at least you can always count on them to stick to the weekly shopping budget, and weigh up every last purchase using price comparison websites.

Adrian Lukis as Mr Wickham.

Adrian Lukis as Mr Wickham.


Ah, the Wickham. You don't want to like him, but you do. Seductive, charismatic and conspicuously charming, the Wickham is the rule-breaking bad boy who puts his own needs and pleasures before anything and anyone else. And you can't always see him coming. Just look at how the original Mr Wickham took Lizzy Bennet completely unawares, putting on a nice guy act to win her affections. If someone as bright as Lizzy can fall for it, we're all doomed.

Being exquisitely self-centred, a Wickham looks after number one at all times. As for ethics and morals... well, he's dimly aware that they do exist, but they just aren't that relevant to him. He'll exploit men and women alike - and when it comes to the latter, he's a love 'em and leave 'em kind of guy. You have been warned...