The New Tricks Intro Music

Dennis Waterman singing "it's alright, it's okay" can only mean one thing: it's time for New Tricks.

The New Tricks Theme Tune

Titled "It's Alright", the New Tricks theme music draws perfectly on the veteran spirit of the hugely popular show.

Listen To "It's Alright"

Sung by main cast member Dennis Waterman, who plays grumpy gambler Gerry Standing, the theme tune for New Tricks was written by Mike Moran. A chart-topping music producer and songwriter, Moran also penned the title song for Taggart.

Waterman is well known for being a serial deliverer of television theme music, having also sung the theme music for Minder, On the Up and Stay Lucky, so it only adds to the humorous and banterous elements in New Tricks that he has lent his vocal chords here too.

If you're a fan of Waterman's work, you may also be interested to hear that the DVD of series one of New Tricks contains his cover of "End of the Line" which was featured in the pilot episode.


It's alright, it's okay,
It doesn't really matter if you're old and grey.
It's alright, I say, it's okay,
Listen to what I say.

It's alright, we're doing fine,
It doesn't really matter if the sun don't shine.
It's alright, I say, it's okay,
We're getting to the end of the day.

High tech, low tech, take your pick,
Cause you can't teach an old dog a brand new trick.
I don't care what anybody says (at the end of the day).
There's a place that I can't find find,
A drink or two to ease my mind.
Golden days.

It's alright, take your time,
Everybody thinks that you've passed your prime.
It's alright, it's ok,
You've still got plenty to say.