Gerry Standing

‘Jack the lad’ Standing mixes well with criminals and is a top ‘thief-taker’.

Dennis Waterman as Standing

Dennis Waterman as Standing

‘Jack the lad’ Standing changed his name from Lestade after falling out with his father, a Smithfield Market butcher. He mixes well with criminals, which conflicts with his reputation as a top ‘thief-taker’. Standing has been forced to strongly refute claims he has taken backhanders and once punched a superior officer, as a result. His new status as a grandfather doesn’t seem to have changed his laddish ways.

Standing is played by Dennis Waterman

Dennis has had a career spanning five decades, from early roles as Just William on TV and as the title role in the West End production of the musical Oliver! to starring roles in The Sweeney and Minder in the 70s and 80s. He’s also known for singing the theme tune to a number of his shows, including Minder, Stay Lucky and New Tricks. David Walliams famously lampooned this fact in Little Britain.