10 Of The Best New Tricks Quips

New Tricks Quotes and Quips

We've taken a selection of our favourite quotes from throughout the series because if there is one thing the New Tricks team do better than solving cold cases it's taking the mickey out of each other.

The rundown...

  1. 1. UCAwhatnow?
    1. UCAwhatnow?

    Sandra: UCOS. Unsolved Crime and Open Case Initiative.
    Jack: What did somebody call it? The Unsolved Crime and Waste of Time Initiative?
    Sandra: No, that would be UCAWOTI.

  2. 2. Women’s lib
    2. Women’s lib

    Sandra: Welcome to the squad. Drink?
    Gerry: Yeah I'll have a brandy and coke thanks sweetheart.
    Jack (whispers to Gerry): Superintendent Pullman's your new guvnor, not me.
    Gerry: Guvnor?
    Sandra: That's right.
    Gerry: Oh. Well in that case I better have a large one sweetheart.

  3. 3. He’s great at parties
    3. He’s great at parties

    Brian: Ringer's a blood type B secretor. Did you know?
    Jack: No. I must have been washing my hair that day.

  4. 4. Specs appeal
    4. Specs appeal

    Gerry (trying on some glasses): David Dickinson?
    Sandra: Yeah - but without the "David" or the "inson".

  5. 5. Attention to detail
    5. Attention to detail

    Brian: I've arranged the case evidence alphabetically. I've also listed it with the trial notes chronologically. That way you can cross-reference it more easily.
    Jack: He lived with his mum till he was 30.

  6. 6. Get it right
    6. Get it right

    Standing: Will you stop creeping up on me!
    Lane: I don't creep, I glide.

  7. 7. Sweet talking
    7. Sweet talking

    Sandra (on a famous chocolate bar): It was horrible. Sickly sweet.
    Jack: You know what your trouble is? You like all this boutique 70% fairtrade cobblers.
    Brian: Tastes like tar that stuff. Nah, I like my chocolate to taste like... sugar.

  8. 8. Speaking academically
    8. Speaking academically

    Brian (talking about a dead man): He was the Head of the Department of the History and Philosophy of Science, London Municipal University. He was an authority on botanical sciences in the 18th century.
    Gerry: I've solved this one already. He died of boredom.

  9. 9. He has a point
    9. He has a point

    Brian: My documents have been suspiciously disturbed.
    Gerry: So have you from time to time.

  10. 10. Ding ding
    10. Ding ding

    Brian: Boxing's nothing more than legitimized thuggery.
    Standing: The nearest you ever got to a ring was your playpen.
    Brian: And I suppose you did?
    Standing: I did as it happens and I'm proud of it.
    Brian: I'll bet. That would explain the brain damage.

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