Ruby and Pearl Pratt

The Pratt sisters run The Stores, the women's clothing shop in Candleford.

Ruby and Pearl Pratt

Ruby and Pearl Pratt

The Pratt sisters run the women's clothing store in Candleford. Neither is married and they spend most of their time running a critical eye over other people's affairs.

Pearl is the elder sister and takes the lead in ensuring that the highest standards are maintained in their shop and in the town as a whole – while her younger sister Ruby is always quick to back her up.

The sisters immediately turn their noses up at Laura when she arrives from Lark Rise as she lacks refinement in their eyes – but they are still frequent visitors to the post office where they smile politely while keeping their eyes and ears wide open for gossip.

Playing Pearl Pratt is Matilda Ziegler

Matilda is best known for playing Donna in EastEnders between 1987 to 1989. She also appeared in Mr Bean as his girlfriend, Irma Gobb.

Playing Ruby Pratt is Victoria Hamilton

An acomplished stage actress, Victoria is also famous for her appearances in Pride and Prejudice and Trial and Retribution.