Caroline Arless

Caroline is one of the Timmins's neighbours and one of Lark Rise's liveliest residents

Dawn French as Caroline Arless

Dawn French as Caroline Arless

Caroline is one of the Timmins' neighbours. She is married to Walter who is away at sea. They have four children, and another on the way. Caroline is easily the biggest and most controversial character in Lark Rise.

She may not have much money but what little she gets she spends in style. Some of her neighbours may disapprove of Caroline's thoughtless and reckless ways but, because of her considerable charm and genuine love for her children, they usually end up digging deep to help her out of trouble.

Dawn French plays Caroline Arless

Dawn is famous for her writing and comedy partnership with Jennifer Saunders, who she met when they were both studying at the Central School of Speech and Drama. With their sketch shows, take-offs of hit films and the Comic Strip Presents dramas, the pair have become one of Britain's most popular double acts. Dawn has also had solo success with The Vicar of Dibley and Roger & Val Have Just Got In.