About Inspector George Gently

Britain in the 1960's, a time when the line between the police and criminals has become increasingly blurred; when the proliferation of drugs is about to change the face of policing forever; when Britain's youth stand on the brink of a social and sexual revolution.

Martin Shaw as Gently

Within this volatile environment stands Inspector George Gently (Martin Shaw). One of the few good men left at Scotland Yard, his sense of public duty is an increasingly rare commodity in a police force where corruption is rife and unchecked. And just when he thought he had left the world of vice and temptation in London behind, he's shocked to find his native North East beginning to catch up. Gently has seen it all before. The North East hasn't.

With headstrong young Detective Sergeant Bacchus (The Street's Lee Ingleby) at his side, Gently finds himself thrown into a maelstrom of murders and mayhem.

Relocation, location

Inspector George Gently is based on the novels of Alan Hunter, and adapted for television by the award-winning Our Friends in the North creator Peter Flannery. Although a lot of the details remain the same, for the TV adaptations the location was changed from Norfolk to Northumberland and County Durham.

The series is filmed at the old Whinney Hill School, with its frontage used as the Police Station entrance, due to its picturesque view of Durham Cathedral.

Star spot

Inspector George Gently has featured special guest appearances from Warren Clarke, Jill Halfpenny (pictured), Sarah Lancashire and Neil Morrissey.

More Gently

A further run of four feature-length episodes was announced in September 2012 and making her TV acting debut in one of them will be singer Pixie Lott. Emmerdale actress and Strictly Come Dancing contestant Lisa Riley will also appear.