About Hold the Dream

A follow-up to A Woman of Substance, Hold the Dream sees Paula take over the business from her mother Emma Harte.

Jenny Seagrove as Paula Fairley

Jenny Seagrove as Paula Fairley

In this sequel to Barbara Taylor Bradford's Hold the Dream, Jenny Seagrove plays the daughter of Emma Harte, played by Deborah Kerr.

Having achieved the pinnacle of success, the elderly Emma relinquishes control of her vast empire to her beloved granddaughter Paula.

Now head of the Harte chain of department stores, Paula takes on the burden of preserving Emma's legacy, as well as the dissent within her extended family.

Struggling to prove herself in a male-dominated world, just like her grandmother before her, Paula suffers heartache and loss that mirrors the life of her grandmother.

Though Emma asks Paula to hold her dream, devastating greed, heart-breaking betrayal and devious enemies, some closer to home than others, put Paula to the ultimate test.

Can Paula fight and overcome personal tragedy to come out on top, so as to save the Harte name for the next generation?

Family connections

In the first series, A Woman of Substance, Jenny Seagrove played the part of the young Emma Harte. Here she plays Emma's daughter Paula, but with bigger shoulder pads. Why not raise a glass to every costume change, or when a character says or almost says one of the books' titles!

Star turns

A heavily made up Liam Neeson reprises the part of Emma’s sweetheart Blackie. Other star turns include Nigel Havers as Jim Fairley, Fiona Fullerton as the delightfully named Skye Smith and John Mills as Henry Rossiter.

Sing the dream

Hold the Dream features a theme tune performed by Elkie Brooks. Brooks hits have included Pearl’s a Singer and Fool (If You Think It’s Over). She also wrote and sang the theme tune to A Very Peculiar Practice.