About Fanny Hill

Adapted by king of the period dramas, Andrew Davies, from John Cleland's bawdy 18th century novel, Fanny Hill is the story of a young country girl.

Rebecca Night as Fanny Hill

Falling in with the wrong crowd straight away, she meets Mrs Brown (Alison Steadman) an owner of a house of disrepute, and while staying under the same roof Fanny meets other girls who live and work there. She's also party to some vivid sexual activity that sets her on a path of self-discovery and financial independence.

Soon this young country virgin is being sought after by rival Madam, Mrs Coles (Samantha Bond), while exploring her own sexuality through a dizzying variety of sexual acts and scenarios.

But self discovery aside, she only has one overriding goal - to find the one, true love of her life, 19-year-old nobleman Charles. When she retires and lives off her considerable income at her parents, she thinks that the chance is gone. But life is a funny thing...

All in all, it's a saucy romp through a rapidly expanding, Georgian London where the whispers of an Industrial Revolution were heard on the breeze from the filthy Thames. This period drama, with plenty of heaving bosoms and bulging britches, brings to life the world's first ever erotic novel, written while Cleland was in a debtors' prison!