7 Things You Need To Know About Death Comes To Pemberley

If you’re excited at the prospect of getting to know Elizabeth and Darcy all over again, here’s a taster of what’s to come…



Death Comes to Pemberley answers the question all Jane Austen fans will have asked themselves: did Elizabeth and Darcy live happily ever after? Set six years after the events of Pride and Prejudice, it reveals how married life has been treating our favourite couple, who appear to be as well-suited as we dared to hope. Not only do they lead a blissfully serene existence, but they also have an energetic young son. And if you thought Darcy was irresistible when brooding handsomely in the corners of parties, wait till you see him in dad-mode. It's adorable.


Speaking of the divine Mr Darcy... well, he may be happily settled with a wife and child, but don't worry: he hasn't been completely tamed by family life. He's still got that darker Darcy edge to him. In fact, the very first time we see him in Death Comes to Pemberley, he's venting his fury at overly noisy servants, before proudly declaring that "It's a fine Pemberley tradition for the master of the house to be irritable on the eve of the ball". You can also expect to see plenty of scenes of Darcy gazing wistfully into the middle-distance, cringing at the foolishness of others, and turning his lips into that slight, strangely attractive scowl which is pure Darcy.

Death Comes to Pemberley

Anna Maxwell Martin on our fascination with Liz and Darcy.


Ah, good old Wickham. The handsome, duplicitous, self-serving seducer we love to loathe. The last we saw him in Pride and Prejudice, he had eloped with Elizabeth's younger, brattish sister Lydia, and in Death Comes to Pemberley they're still very much together. Has Wickham mended his ways and become a stable, caring husband? Not a bit of it. He's still as sly and self-centred as ever, and there's no telling how many pies he has his dirty fingers in. And as for Lydia...


In a way, it's a blessing that Lydia is as brash and spoilt as she ever was. How else could she endure having Wickham as a husband? The pair are made for each other, in a warped sort of way. However, her choice of husband, and her Marie Antoinette-like personality, means that she and her sister Elizabeth aren't exactly the closest of friends these days. It should also be noted that Darcy refuses to receive her husband at Pemberley, in response to Wickham slandering his name during the Pride and Prejudice era. Lydia herself is venomous about the situation, boasting to Elizabeth that she's "stuck in her moldy old mansion while we have all the fun". Ouch.


A ghost, in Jane Austen-land? It certainly seems so. We'll learn that the sprawling Pemberley estate is said to be haunted by the spectre of a certain Mrs Riley, and the sight of her is enough to send hapless onlookers sprinting across the fields in fear. But just who is Mrs Riley, and what is her connection to the Darcy dynasty? All will become clear as the story unfolds.

Georgiana Darcy in episode 1 of Death Comes to Pemberley.

Georgiana Darcy in episode 1 of Death Comes to Pemberley.


So, now that Elizabeth and Darcy are a married couple, is Death Comes to Pemberley going to lack a will-they-or-won't-they romantic saga? Not at all. In true Austen tradition, there is a young lady on the lookout for love, and that lady in question is Darcy's sweet, innocent sister Georgiana. Of course, things don't run particularly smoothly, with two equally attractive suitors vying for her attention. We won't spoil things by saying who they are, but they are chalk and cheese. And things get rather frosty when they realise they're love rivals.


As well as Darcy, Elizabeth, Wickham, Mrs Bennet and all the other larger-than-life personalities who roam through this saga, and additional "character" is Pemberley itself. This legendary estate is as awe-inducing as you might imagine, with its vast halls and opulent drawing rooms which would put a royal household to shame. Quite the place for Mr Darcy and his wife to hold court, although there is something very sinister afoot in the dark woods around them. Death, after all, has come to this idyllic place, and it's down to Elizabeth and Darcy to deduce their way to a happy resolution.