Dangerfield’s Most Memorable Cases

It may be set far from the mean streets of our big cities, but there’s certainly plenty of crime and intrigue going in Dangerfield…



The thing about the British countryside is that people often have guns. And sometimes these guns go off when they shouldn't. Dr Dangerfield's own son Marty gets caught up in events when an accidental shooting causes the death of a local farmer, and Marty's connection to the case triggers some fatherly fury in the good doctor. That's just the tip of the iceberg, though. There's also the small matter of a colicky baby, being treated by Dr Joanna Stevens, whose father just happens to be the man suspected of killing the farmer. And then Joanna gets accused of negligence for good measure. It just gets more and more tangled from there, in a case that includes an emotionally draining showdown between Dangerfield and his traumatised son.

Nigel Le Vaillant as Dr. Paul Dangerfield.

Nigel Le Vaillant as Dr. Paul Dangerfield.


You might never look at that nice Brendan Coyle the same way again after watching this story, in which the future Downton Abbey star plays a man suspected of a vicious rape. Due to the nature of the case it's one of the most sensitive and troubling situations Paul Dangerfield has ever dealt with, especially as it falls to him to examine the suspected victim of the assault. To make matters even more complex, Dangerfield's girlfriend - barrister Kate Durrani - is representing the accused, putting her on collision course with Dangerfield, who believes that the man did it. With pressure put on Dangerfield to find the forensic evidence that will put the man away, will justice be served? And will his relationship with Kate survive in one piece?


Was she dead or alive when she was found? That's the question at the crux of this case involving the shock discovery of a naked woman's body in a canal. Paul Dangerfield, who was called to the scene of the grisly discovery, is sure that the woman had a faint pulse when he examined her, but the copper on the scene insists she was already dead. A minor point, or something crucial? Dangerfield is actually ordered to be "cautious" before submitting the report - a tough ask for a man as principled as he is. The moral quandary isn't the only thing that makes this case memorable, though - it's also the blossoming of possible romance with Dr Joanna Stevens, who needs Paul's help with a very personal problem...

Nigel Havers as Dr. Jonathan Paige.

Nigel Havers as Dr. Jonathan Paige.


DI Ken Jackson tends to only have a professional interest in the cases tackled by his team. But he's forced to confront secrets from his own past when a fellow police officer turns up to a charity boxing event with a young woman on his arm, called Crystal. She's a professional escort, and someone whom Ken Jackson clearly knows. But how? And why does Ken become instantly fixated with Crystal's presence? Dr Dangerfield has a sneaking suspicion it's got something to do with Ken's past life in the Vice Squad - a shady period he doesn't like to talk about. But he's going to have to, especially when a sudden unlikely disease hits the area.


Some cases are memorable because of the shattering personal impact, or maze-like complexity. But some are memorable because of just how downright weird they are. Here's a case in point: the appearance of a fake doctor who takes on Paul Dangerfield's identity - even changing his literal appearance to mimic the medic. Creepy stories begin to emerge of the imposter making home visits to the surgery's patients, yet the man's motivations seem unclear at first. It isn't long until Dangerfield realises his reputation and livelihood are being threatened by a bizarre, game-playing copycat who seems to know him eerily well.


The show enters a brand new era when Dr Paul Dangerfield gives way to new lead character, Dr Jonathan Paige. And what an introduction it proves to be. The two men are old friends, but it's not a happy reunion when Paige makes his first appearance. He's actually suspected of playing a hand in a patient's death - the patient being a former pop star with a terminal illness, who dies after a suspected overdose. After discovering a needle mark on the dead man's body, Dangerfield himself starts to believe that Paige helped the singer take his own life, and it's soon a race against time to prove Paige's innocence...