About Crocodile Shoes

Written by and starring Jimmy Nail, Crocodile Shoes also saw the height of his music career.

Crocodile Shoes

Crocodile Shoes follows the life of Jed Shepperd, a Geordie factory worker who staves off the threat of looming redundancy by writing country music in his spare time.

Jimmy Nail as Jed Shepperd.

Jimmy Nail as Jed Shepperd.

With his future unsure, Jed makes a lifetime decision to quit his job and pursue his dream career as a country singer and from there the rollercoaster starts - from Newcastle to Nashville and back again, this is a story of fame and fortune; adventures, opportunities, conflicts, heartache, the rise, the fall.

Not only was this a primetime success, it also launched Nail's chart-topping pop career.

Wine, beer and spirits all the time Though I have you still she's always on my mind. The rain falls down I'm soaking through, I'm an old man inside a young man's suit. My crocodile shoes are crying too For they know how much love I have for you.