Competition Winners

Here is a list of the successful Drama competition winners. Please note: if you have been successful in winning a competition, you would've received an email from someone at Drama. Just seeing your name on this list does not necessarily mean you've been successful as people may share names.


Ann Cleeves' Cold Earth book giveaway
Alison Campbell from Ayrshire
Karen Robinson from North Lincolnshire
Simone from Kent
Dorothy Langman from South Yorkshire
Elizabeth Trueman from Wiltshire

Luxury Blanket giveaway
Mary Jones from Greater Manchester
Julie Young from Cumbria
Annette Ruffy
Brenda Carter
Hannah Davies from Manchester
Mrs J M Jarvis
Andrew from Essex
Lisa Fearn from Yorkshire
Alan Campy from North Yorkshire
Karen Macklen from Somerset

Festive Jumper giveaway
Joanne from Staffordshire
Ricardo Lobo-Morell from Hampshire
Sharon Derrick from North Somerset
Rob Cook from Suffolk
Guy Nesher from London
James Evans from Cardiff
Dawn Fiona Johnson from Leicestershire