Casualty’s Most Memorable Moments

Is it any wonder Charlie and co look so flippin’ stressed all the time when THIS stuff keeps on happening at Holby?



Casualty pulled out all the stops with the notorious 2003 train crash, which was played out in heart-stopping detail - complete with shots of the inside of a toilet where two lovebirds were canoodling as the carriage was flipped right over. The initial, cataclysmic crash was only the start, though. Later, we saw a bridge collapse on the wreckage, and then came the shocking moment nurse Anna Paul, who was trapped and crushed in the twisted metal, confessed to Charlie that she was pregnant with her own half-brother's child. Like Charlie didn't have enough to deal with at that particular moment in time.


One of Holby's most beloved staff members, Megan was also a dear friend of Charlie's. Which made it all the more painful when, stricken with terminal cancer, she begged him to help her end her life. Facing a monumental dilemma - after all, complying with her wishes would mean breaking the law - Charlie was eventually helped by Tess, who'd initially warned he was a "professional nurse, not a professional killer". Eventually, they went through with it, filming Megan as Charlie handed her a drink laced with drugs that would do the deed. It was a scene that used up many a Kleenex box around the nation.


The corridors of Holby are never short on drama, but things got even more treacherous than usual when a seriously disturbed schizophrenic gunman went on the attack. It turned out he'd already murdered a friend of his wife's, so everyone had to try their hardest not to panic when he took Megan hostage in the hospital. Megan herself escaped unscathed, but poor Charlie was shot while pretending to be a porter. For a while we thought Charlie was a goner, but - as he would prove in many near-death moments to come - the man's a born survivor.


The story of Claire Guildford was one of the most tragic in Holby's history. A decent, caring nurse, she was tipped into near-madness by the exploits of her brother - a cruel rapist who played on Claire's sense of sibling loyalty and compelled her to lie in court to save his skin. When the brother was later killed, and his death covered up by Claire's boyfriend Luke and Charlie, she lost her senses and tried to kill both of them, and herself, by driving their car into a river. It was a startlingly violent moment, which got even more terrifying when Claire swam after Luke like some horror movie psychopath before eventually drowning.


Ah, Patrick Spiller. Charismatic, cocky and contemptuous of inferior beings (like his patients, for example). But the man did have a heart of gold, underneath all the jaded cynicism, and it was lovely to see him propose again and again to his beloved Lara. She finally accepted when he went down on one knee in a restaurant, promising to put their relationship before his professional ambition. Giddy with delight, she went to the loo to compose herself, but when she came back, Patrick he was hunched over the table, unconscious. He later died in hospital - the result of an injury he received saving kids from a motorway collision earlier that day. The big heartbreaking hero.


Paramedics Cyd and Dixie were never short on wisecracks, but there was certainly no time for one-liners when Cyd was bitten by a deadly snake during a routine call-out. Rushed back to Holby, barely able to breathe, Cyd hovered on the brink of death, while doctors flapped about helplessly, unable to act because they didn't know what kind of snake venom it was. Making matters worse, one of the medics had to nip out to snort cocaine to keep him going, while Dixie confessed to the seemingly-dying Cyd that she was in love with her. Which was not at all awkward when they finally got the right anti-venom and Cyd made a full recovery...


One of the most frightening people ever to darken the door of Holby was actually a nurse. His name was Lewis, and he initially looked to be a useful set of hands, until Tess realised he'd needlessly injected a patient with a paralysing drug. Realising he'd been busted, Lewis attacked Tess with the same medication and tried to go on the run. The maniac was eventually apprehended, when it became clear he wanted to deliberately endanger patients in order to bring them back from the brink. "Those patients... I saved them! Me!" he yelled as he was finally carted away. It's a good thing Charlie wasn't there to see it - he'd have boxed his ears.