Trixie Franklin

A bit of a flirt, with a love of jazz, smoking, bright lipstick and boys, Trixie is an unlikely fixture at the convent.

Call the Midwife's Nurse Beatrix

Despite her platinum-blonde, glamorous appearance, Trixie is an attentive midwife and with Jenny shares a love of her work, and the two become good friends.

Sharing a room with Nurse Patsy Mount, Trixie is in her mid-twenties and loves nothing more than dancing to her favourite music: jazz.

Although her nosiness can sometimes across as rude and she can rub people up the wrong way, Trixie means nothing by it. Often her bright and breezy approach lightens the atmosphere during dark times.

Helen George as Trixie Franklin.

Helen George as Trixie Franklin.

Playing Trixie Franklin is Helen George

Helen became interested in a career in musical theatre when she took a role in a production of Les Miserables when she was 15. After studying at the Royal Academy of Music, she won her first professional role in A Woman in White in the West End.

She has also toured as a backing singer for Elton John. She met her husband Oliver Boot during filming of Hotel Babylon, although they didn't start dating until a few years later.