Cynthia Miller

Somewhat mousey, Nurse Cynthia Miller is caring, intelligent and thorough and is therefore an asset to the midwife profession.

Nurse Cynthia Miller

Nurse Cynthia Miller

Quiet and sensitive and also in her twenties, she becomes Jenny’s soulmate and confidant – a reliable alternative to livewire Trixie.

Sometimes her caring and compassionate demeanour can be her downfall, however. When a baby she delivers dies, Cynthia has a crisis of confidence, but she is helped back to work by Sister Julienne.

Cynthia Miller is played by Bryony Hannah

Prior to her role in Call the Midwife, Bryony received an Olivier Award Nomination for Best Actress in a Supporting Role for her role as Mary Tilford in the 2011 production of The Children's Hour.

She also played the part of Christine in the BBC Three sitcom Dead Boss, set in a women’s prison.