6 Emotions You Feel when You Watch Call the Midwife

Watching Call the Midwife can be a wild, unpredictable emotional journey. Even though it’s set in the 1950s, a period often idealised by a lot of people, it’s not a nostalgic look at the past – it’s gritty, realistic, and painfully honest. Here’s what you can expect to feel after an hour at Nonnatus House.

Call The Midwife

Critically acclaimed series Call the Midwife is a must-watch - Ed Gleave, TV Editor at Daily Star Sunday, says: "The show is more heart-warming than anything else on telly. The characters are so likeable and believable - especially Trixie, who is played beautifully by Helen George. The plots are so realistic they really pull at the heartstrings. Barely an episode goes by without me shedding a few tears. And I don't think I'm alone in that." Here's what to expect from the heart-rending period drama...

1. Heartbroken

A lot of the time, Call the Midwife can be relentlessly tragic. Everyone in the show, from the main characters to minor players, will go through a painful experience at some point. Even Chummy, who often provides much-needed comic relief, has her own completely devastating story arc through her difficult relationship with her mother and the revelation of her loveless childhood. Call the Midwife makes you feel a connection with every single character, and then subjects them all to excruciating misery. You'll cry with them every time.

2. Angry

Call the Midwife doesn't shy away from dealing with tough issues, or from candidly showing us exactly how difficult life was 60 years ago. You'll find yourself unable to believe the injustice, screaming "It's not fair!" at your TV when a teenager forced into prostitution has her baby taken from her. It's hard to watch, but for all the right reasons.

3. Warm

For all its despair, Call the Midwife is incredibly heart-warming in the most sincere way. Remember when you were uplifted by Jenny's earnestness when she first arrived at Nonnatus House, or when Chummy's lack of coordination when learning to ride a bike made you smile with affection? Above all, the bond between the women will give you hope during even the bleakest scenes.

4. Relieved

The sadness you feel for every tragedy is matched by the happiness you feel when something works out. Anything could happen in Call the Midwife, and you know that things could go devastatingly wrong at any second. That's exactly why you breathe a huge sigh of relief when they don't, like when, after years of crippling self-doubt and loneliness, Chummy finally finds love.

5. Inspired

The midwives and nuns are heroes. As well as the hardships they face themselves, they also deal with the struggles of their underprivileged patients. It isn't just a job to them - the nurses care on a far deeper level, and go out of their way to help the underprivileged people of Poplar. When Jenny befriends a depressed former soldier and takes a deeply personal interest in his happiness, you realise that these characters are truly dedicated to doing good, and their kindness will inspire and uplift you.

6. Moved

Whether it's with sadness, happiness, or fury, Call the Midwife will definitely move you in some way. At the end of every episode, after you're done crying, laughing, or shouting, you're left feeling deeply affected by the story and the characters. It's one of the most poignant shows on television, and it's guaranteed to tug on your heartstrings. Call the Midwife will leave a lasting impression long after the end credits roll.