Why Boon Is The Hero The World Needs

The world is a scary, scary place, and quite frankly we need Ken Boon to make things better.



Who is Ken Boon? A man who's spent his days and nights saving kids from burning buildings, that's who. Yes, he used to be a firefighter, which immediately gives him more than a few points on the hero-o-meter. Not only that, but he lost his job in the most painfully heroic way possible. Rushing fearlessly into a house fire to rescue a trapped child, he injured his lungs by inhaling the billowing smoke, and was declared unfit for duty. But that's OK. Ken Boon puts other people first, every time.


A true hero should be a bit of a dreamer. A romantic. Especially in our cynical times. And that's Ken Boon in a nutshell. He may look like a no-nonsense bloke on a bike, but underneath that tough exterior, we have a man who has the sweet fantasies of a daydreaming schoolboy. He basically wishes he was a cowboy. More than that: he wishes he was the Lone Ranger, that masked crusader for justice in the Old West. While an actual mask would have been a little frowned upon on the streets of Britain, Boon does have his own "horse": his beloved BSA Lightning motorcycle. Hi-Yo Silver, away!

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Being a hero isn't just about helping other people. It's also about helping yourself, and never giving in to fear and panic, no matter what life throws at you. The world is a turbulent, uncertain place, and that's why we need someone who's strong and resourceful to inspire us. Take a bow, Ken Boon, a man who refuses to ever, ever admit defeat. When he lost his job as a firefighter, what did he do? He started up a new business as a market gardener from scratch. A thoroughly madcap idea, but no big deal to Boon. While other people moan and groan, this is a man who just DOES things. He's a flippin' inspiration.


If you're going to be a new Lone Ranger, you can't be picky about what adventures life throws at you. You have to take it all on, and to heck with the consequences (and the risk to life and limb). With swashbuckling derring-do, Boon just takes on every mission life throws at him. Track down a stolen circus lion? Sure. Do battle with a rival gang of bikers who are utterly bonkers? Of course! It's just another day's adventuring for Ken. It beats sitting around reading Westerns (though he has plenty of time for that too).

Michael Elphick as Ken Boon in Boon.

Michael Elphick as Ken Boon in Boon.


Every good hero should have his trusty buddies to help him in his cases and come to HIS rescue once in a while. Luckily for Ken Boon, there are a good few people who have his back. They include his best mate Harry, who would probably get annoyed and tell us that Boon is HIS sidekick, not the other way around. Yes, he can be a blustering, pompous sort of bloke, but Harry is as much of a chancer and hustler as Ken, and is a trusted friend in testing times. Then you've got Boon's minions - shaggy-haired biker Rocky (played by a strikingly young Neil Morrissey), and bolshy gal Debbie. The perfect team for anyone in need.


Well, we're exaggerating there just a little bit. Boon doesn't go around in colourful tights and a big red cape. That wouldn't be becoming of a man of his particular appearance. But, like any good hero, he does have a trademark "look" that defines him, and makes him easy to spot when you're calling out to be rescued. Consider the protective biker goggles, which are as close to a real Lone Ranger mask as you could want. And there's his gleaming helmet, and that tassled leather jacket he favours for a while, emblazoned with the words "Texas Rangers". Definitely beats an S on your chest.